Application portfolio management

Are your systems actually delivering value against your core business objectives?

Increase agility, reduce IT costs

Uncover how each and every one of your applications supports your capabilities and overall strategy, giving you clarity around where you should invest and where you’re wasting resources.


Cost-effective business change

See how an up-to-date, automatically maintained overview of your application portfolio helps you to discover and remove system redundancies, streamline projects and business processes, and understand complex system interdependencies.

Flag non-performance

Identify how each application helps you perform processes

Save money

Get insights into the processes that cost the most

Actionable insights

Turn data into flexible visualizations showing you an as-is landscape


Master your IT

Analyze your IT portfolio against your business capability map

Clear next steps

See what changes must be implemented to align better with your business strategy

Foster engagement

Execute fast and easy collaboration and feedback from colleagues


Data-led decisions for better business performance

Make sense of your business complexity with Ardoq.

Immediate results

Benefit straight away with out-of-the-box visualizations.


Uncover your enterprise’s complex interdependencies using advanced graph querying.


Facilitate easy conversations with other domain experts using Presentations


Effortless data input using integrations.

“We needed a tool that could free ourselves from work in drawing sophisticated diagrams by actually enabling a tool that could provide those for us automatically, and that we could use to filter and fit to create views for various stakeholders, be that the CIO, the IT architect or the business process engineer.”

Jan-Fredrik Stoveland-Alfsen, PwC Director


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