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Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management (APM) is a proven methodology for focusing your IT investment on where it matters most. Using APM you can manage low-value systems out of your IT portfolio, freeing up your budget and resources to drive your strategy forward.
The Ultimate Guide to APM
Get started with our 9-step action plan to succeed with Application Portfolio Mapping.

You can’t tackle your technology legacy with legacy technology.

For a long time, tools for enterprise architecture have been inflexible and difficult to use. They have not been adapted to the needs of today’s organizations. Ardoq represents New Enterprise Architecture. We allow you to understand how your applications, processes, and data interconnect. Ardoq is agile enough to deliver results fast and flexible enough to grow with the needs of your organization.


Shorter time to value

Getting data in

Drop spreadsheets into Ardoq. Explore the application portfolio to get the high-level overview in an instant.

Sharing Insights

Show stakeholders where to invest or divest by using out-of-the-box reports or by funneling data into PowerBI or Tableau.

Technical vs business fit

Applications are given a score based on their technical and functional fit. Non-performing applications are flagged, meaning your team can quickly start assessing the impact of an application phaseout.

Quickly analyze which processes and capabilities are affected by eliminating applications. Compare outcomes up against cost saving potential, using the out of the box best practice frameworks.


Cost-effective business change

To navigate your change, you need the as-is overview. Ardoq provides you with an overview of your application ecosystem and help you uncover complex dependencies and redundant software. The result? More streamlined business processes and reduced IT costs.

Start deriving insights immediately with best practice templates for application portfolio management.


From the moment you log in, your team will have your organization’s metamodel set up within minutes.


Quickly link business capabilities and business processes to the application

Learn the Best Practice

Ardoq’s VP of Customer Success, Ian Stendera, walks you through an introduction in how Ardoq can be used to answer the key business questions using the Best Practice Module for Application Portfolio Management.
“We have been able to influence the development; Ardoq is not just building the platform their perspective, but from our perspective.”
Rasmus Ulfsnes Enterprise Architect Schibsted Enterprise Technology

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Seeing is believing

Discover firsthand how Ardoq's approach to new enterprise architecture can transform the way your organization operates.