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  • ardoq discover single source of truth for application owners
  • ardoq discover simple onboarding
  • ardoq discover keep track of the lifestages of your applications
  • ardoq discover document new application
  • ardoq discover update details about existing applications
  • ardoq discover review reports about applications that planned to be retired
  • ardoq discover comprehensive overview of the application portfolio
  • Our goal was to reduce the amount of effort needed to get information on our applications. It requires about a month's worth of time for one person—about €20,000—so Ardoq already pays off because we get the information in just one click.

    Robert Pröber
    Cloud and Data Governance at STIHL
  • Bring all of that disconnected and single use data together to create a single source of truth, maintained by experts across domains and accessible to the entire organization, supporting better decision making through data.

  • The progress we made in just 3 weeks with Ardoq was beyond what we have usually seen in similar projects with other customers. Without Ardoq, this project would have taken us many more hours to execute with Excel.

    johan blom
    Johan Blom
    Senior Manager Retail at Accenture
  • Before Ardoq, we had to work nights and weekends to keep up with data maintenance. Now, we can implement requested changes within seconds.

    Chief Enterprise Architect
  • We love using Ardoq. Our goal is to take it to the next level.

    Vice President, Digital R&D
  • M&A initial discovery reduced from months to hours.

    Corporate EA Lead