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Enterprise Intelligence Graph
Relationships matter

Relationships matter

Enterprises must understand how their people, processes, and data interconnect to create a holistic view of its customers, operations, and cybersecurity. A graph model is the best way to consolidate that disparate data.

Graphs are to data what internet was to communication

Ask any complex business question for instant visualization. Understand links between layers. Deliver Operational Excellence across people, processes, and data.

Why Enterprise Intelligence Graph?

An Enterprise Intelligence Graph provides an always up-to-date Digital Twin of all data, processes, and their relationships, pushing digital transformation to the forefront of organizations. Go from assuming to knowing.

IT becomes understandable in business terms

Too often, the roles, boundaries, and relationships of IT systems and their data is obscured by technical definitions and terms meaningful to only a handful of back office technical personnel.


Ask how, not what

Powerful interactive querying with Gremlin. Gremlin helps you navigate the vertices and edges of your Enterprise Intelligence Graph. Industry standard query language for graph databases, similar to SQL for relational databases, there is no need to adapt to vendor specific query schemas.

Democratisation of Knowledge

By expressing your enterprise architecture with business terminology, together with organisation wide involvement using easy-to-participate surveys, business users become citizen data scientists accessing and deploying data at will.

Future AI and RPA application ready

Due to structured machine-readable nature of data in your Enterprise Intelligence Graph, it is amenable to whichever forms of AI-assisted or AI-enhanced productivity solutions become the most valuable tomorrow.

Enterprises Master Digitalization Using Ardoq

Seeing is believing

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