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Enabling Smarter Application Lifecycle Management and Cost Savings

  • Modernizing contract management
  • Realizing savings from removing redundancies
  • Clear overview of applications and contracts
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Struggling with Complexity and Manual Tools

  • Embarking on modernization, beginning with their e-commerce systems and solutions
  • Struggled with complexity and keeping information up-to-date with their manual Excel-based approach to contract lifecycle management
  • No reliable overview of vendors or contracts, struggling with duplicate contracts (e.g., 12 different contracts with 1 vendor)

How Ardoq Helped

  • Quickly imported Excel data using Ardoq's integration to immediately see inventory and lifecycles of COTS and SaaS applications
  • Timeline view allowed them to view dependencies and timing between applications, vendors, and contracts
  • Enabled them to proactively communicate with application owners about changes in lifecycle status
  • Set up an Application Lifecycle Dashboard set to 60 days of end-of-life, allowing application owners to easily see end-of-life markers and take relevant action

Key Outcomes With Ardoq

  • Savings realized by reviewing third-party vendors, identifying and eliminating redundant applications and contracts
  • Quicker insights sharing using data-driven visualizations on lifecycle management, replacing manual work in spreadsheets
  • Improved decision-making, empowered with insights to identify risks and prioritize projects
Next Steps

Looking Forward

Now that parts of their inventory are complete, the company plans to continue Application Lifecycle Management with their custom applications. In parallel, they are also looking into Business Capability Modeling using Ardoq. They are exploring how else Ardoq can help them execute on their modernization.

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