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Crowdsourcing Data Enabled University’s Total Online Transition

  • Total pandemic-driven shift from offline to online
  • Swiftly crowdsourcing data to build metamodel
  • Driving ownership and engagement in the organization
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"We have the audacious goal of being one of the best customers using your tool. I think we have what it takes to get there with your partnership."

IT Director

Just 3 Weeks to Shift Online Completely

  • Covid-19 exposed their lack of interconnected data and processes
  • Had to undergo a full digital transformation to an online university, digital research facility, and remote workplace within just 3 weeks in March 2020
  • Such rapid transformation required an agile approach at the enterprise level
  • No clear overview of how technology supported the business as it was scattered across IT and non-IT groups – with each only documenting part of the picture and often using different terms to refer to the same tool or process


How Ardoq Helped: The Power of Crowdsourcing Data

The university began crowdsourcing data in Ardoq to build the metamodel by:

  • Using Surveys to capture data from across the enterprise at speed and scale
  • Customizing surveys based on person or role to ensure accurate data from pockets of expertise and reduced barriers for stakeholder participation
  • Providing stakeholders access to metamodel in real-time, providing transparency and serving as a reinforcement mechanism as information is entered

Key Outcomes With Ardoq

  • Crowdsourcing data extensively, enabling the whole organization to embrace “IT” functions outside of IT
  • Successfully democratizing EA and facilitating buy-in by creating an environment where relations between components can be owned by different roles
  • Immediate feedback to contributors leveraging data-driven visualizations
Next Steps

Looking Forward

The team is looking into using Scenarios for modeling the future state of the organization. They are also exploring how Ardoq Discover can open up more paths in the university to evangelize EA and drive greater adoption.

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