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Faster M&A Due Diligence Through Capabilities Mapping

  • Swiftly crowdsourcing data to create their As-Is
  • Delivering rapid impact analysis
  • Establishing a common language for architecture
team happy about effective capabilities mapping

"M&A initial discovery reduced from months to hours."

Corporate EA Lead

Swifter, More Effective M&A Due Diligence

  • Massive IT landscape with thousands of applications and interfaces, no clarity on why these applications were procured, and who made the decisions on targets
  • No common Enterprise Architecture methodology across business units, leading to siloed decision-making
  • Typical M&A analysis of IT landscape could take months, slowing decision-making and IT integration planning

How Ardoq Helped

  • Shifted data from Excel to dynamically map applications with business and technical capabilities in Ardoq
  • Collaborated with Ardoq over weekly progress meetings to stay on track and coordinate across many user groups
  • Surveys and Broadcasts aided swift crowdsourcing of data to build the As-Is architecture
  • Referenced Best Practice Guides to create an EA playbook for business units to work off a standard methodology (e.g., standard metamodel and framework agnostic approach for capabilities mapping)
    and common taxonomy to ensure alignment 
  • Co-developed a process with the M&A team to enable discovery enriched with architectural data in Ardoq (capability models, usage information, mapping between capabilities and apps)

Key Outcomes With Ardoq

  • Common taxonomy and expectations of the Enterprise Architecture discipline
  • Clarity for everyone in the organization on where to look for a target architecture specific to domain or capability and who is responsible for it
  • Impact analysis on the fly (e.g., when changing an application or introducing a new application)
  • Multifold reduction of time taken for initial discovery process of M&A
Next Steps

Looking Forward

The company is looking at using Ardoq for more effective roadmapping and expanding the Enterprise Architecture practice across more business units.

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