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Automated Data Collection: From Manual Maintenance To Valuable Insights

  • Captured 40% of their architecture through automation
  • Painless and efficient maintenance of As-Is architecture landscape
  • Provides data for strategic decision-making
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"Earlier, all the integration layer was a black box, no one knew what was inside it. Now leadership can see and understand the complexity and the huge amount of work needed to change the components.”

Jon Loken
Enterprise Architect, Innovation Norway

Enabling Automated Data Collection

  • Unknown application and integration landscape - Prevented understanding the impact of change

  • Communication - The time needed to reduce technical debt

  • Application ownership - Unclear who is responsible for developing and maintaining an application


How Ardoq Helped


Key Outcomes With Ardoq

Benefits for the whole organization:

  • Quick time to value. Innovation Norway finds Ardoq’s iterative and incremental approach to modeling architecture generates insights fast. 

  • Ready-made, up-to-date, and customizable presentations for the management team, explaining the costs and integration layer.

  • A continuous up-to-date overview of their architecture leveraging automated data collection, giving a consistently accurate overview for decisions and insights.

Benefits for the IT team:

  • Capture 40% of the architecture automatically

  • Free up time for profitable projects, replacing manual documentation

  • See a detailed overview of the integration components

  • Understand the impact of proposed changes

  • Schedule with more accurate project estimations

  • Easily explain the complexity of projects and the impact of change


About Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway nurtures innovation and development for the Norwegian government. Their services include supporting Norwegian companies, helping them develop their competitive advantage, enhance innovation, expand growth, and find new markets. 

Innovation Norway was faced with 3 challenges to resolve. They needed to: 

  1. Build an accurate overview of their architecture 
  2. Communicate the time and effort it takes to reduce technical debt 
  3. Have a clear overview of application ownership

Working across their teams, they’ve accomplished a great deal toward addressing these challenges with Ardoq. 

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