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Ardoq by Gartner: Addressing GDPR compliance with AI applications

8 Jun 2018

by Ardoq

Ardoq is proud to have been selected by Gartner as a leading AI-driven application to address GDPR compliance. For more details, please see ‘Gartner Market Insight: Address GDPR Compliance With AI Applications’ (21 March 2018).

Ensuring compliance is absolutely essential for every business, but are you using it to gain a competitive advantage?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect on 25 May 2018, yet according to Gartner, ‘by year-end 2018, fewer than 50% of companies affected will be compliance-ready’. To remedy this, Gartner suggests that technology business unit leaders responsible for compliance platforms should consider AI applications to ease process complexities.

GDPR as an opportunity

GDPR is different to other compliance regulations and laws. It not only imposes new requirements on transparency, privacy, and data use/access/storage audit-readiness, but done right, it enables organizations to move faster, be more customer-oriented, and optimize operations and processes for efficiency.

Because of this, many forward-thinking enterprise architects, GRC professionals, and innovation directors see GDPR as the perfect Trojan Horse with which to operationalize a digital twin of their organization. This is a methodology that is fast becoming synonymous with data-driven digital business transformation.

By leveraging graph technologies, data augmentation, automated gap analytics, automated data duplication detection, and other AI features, establishing a privacy and information security management program that is fully integrated into the business is no longer a vision; it becomes attainable. Privacy impact assessments (PIAs) required by the GDPR will transition from being a costly and slow project-based undertaking, and will become an automated process.

Gaining a competitive advantage

While compliance dashboards are nothing new to compliance-and-risk based activities and tools, AI applications go one step further, offering targeted summary reports for business risk managers, data protection officers (DPOs), and key executives, all made available to non-technology-savvy business stakeholders. Such personalized reports are delivered based on event triggers in the ecosystem, and pushed to audiences where they are.

AI applications offer valuable information augmentation to contextualize key data. They go from what, to why, offering instant remedial action suggestions. Finally, machine learning underpinned by graph queryable searches automatically assesses enterprise intelligence graphs for gaps and changes across layers covering complex IT landscapes, business process models, and ecosystems. Scalable property graphs allow for information management and analysis far beyond human visual analysis or conventional database models.

Experience full-scale use of AI to address GDPR compliance in Ardoq

Experience full-scale use of AI to address GDPR compliance in Ardoq

  • Auto-generate GDPR crowdsourcing surveys from any data model

  • Auto-complete fields in-tool and in-survey for high-fidelity structured data collection

  • Auto-update visual dive-in presentations, regardless of where deployed

  • Perform continuous gap discovery with smart notifications (also to third party apps e.g. Slack)

  • Find duplicated/synonymous data in the data graph for higher data coherence and quality

  • Automatically adjust graph analytics insight perspective to user’s preferences

Things to look out for from Ardoq in AI

  • Ability to answer to complex business questions across multiple privacy and other architecture domains using natural language (Chatbot user interface that combines NLP with powerful graph search capabilities)

To learn more about how Ardoq is leveraging AI capabilities to address GDPR, enterprise architecture and digital transformation needs, contact us to schedule a demo.

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