Risk & security architecture

Understand and mitigate operational risks and the threats of malicious attacks.

Improve security, reduce risk

Use IT insights to detect security threats and take proactive steps to protect your organization from a wide range of risks.


The new approach to risk & security management

An easy-to-learn platform that enables your whole team to monitor day-to-day processes, uncover gaps and security weaknesses, and benchmark them against standards and policies.

Effortless threat detection

Identify potential risks to your services and systems

High standards

Benchmark processes against best-practice advice and regulations

Risk mapping

Visualize which applications and processes will be impacted


Proactive protection

What steps can you take to protect against malware or data breaches?

Value for money

Reduce operational risk while eliminating excessive IT spend

Business support

Keep the organization productive at all times


Mitigate risk and track progress

Work with your eyes open at all times.

Actionable insights

Support your CIO with clarity and precision.


Ensure regulatory compliance while greatly reducing the chance of malicious attacks.

Self-defined KPIs

Measure your risk management financial, legal, and regulatory performance.

Ardoq has enabled us to see how elements connect, both in the big picture and down to the details. It has also enabled us to see the documentation from different perspectives and then different visualizations.”

Tor Håvard Wiig Senior IT Advisor, Fjordkraft


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