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1st of April: Ardoq & InterPal join forces to solve disappearance!

1 Apr 2019

by Lasse Berg

Mysteries solved with Ardoq

By joining forces and combining years of investigative experience with Ardoq’s advanced simulated graph database technology, justice will finally be served after precisely 1 year of investigations.

The world-wide acknowledged professor, Mr. Arquitecura Empresarial disappeared from his home 1st of April 2018 and local police forces immediately deemed the disappearance suspicious. Based on Mr. Empresarial’s international status, InterPal took charge of the investigation.

After 8 months of investigation, Interpal was still struggling to connect the complex web of relationships they had uncovered and was looking to utilize new and advanced technology in their investigation. Handwritten notes and fragmented documentation from over 120 different officers during the investigation, was not being applied optimally.

“We knew we had all the right information,” comments InterPal’s Chief Inspector Clouseau, “but we couldn’t connect the dots, and needed something new to help solve this case. Adding Ardoq’s technology to our good-old investigative tools proved very valuable and saved us a lot of time and resources.”

Blog post_1 April_Process flow

“Ardoq’s technology is based on graph database technology which, by design, allow simple and fast retrieval of complex hierarchical structures that are difficult to model in relational systems.” Explains Ardoq’s Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder Erik Bakstad. “Graph databases help to find relationships between data and extract their true value.”

Once all the dependencies were built, deep analysis of how suspects, locations, evidence, weapons and the victim were connected, could be performed and visual diagrams built, to aid in communicating and showcasing Interpal’s evidence to the Judge and Jury. This helped establish a clear connection between the victim and their main suspect.

“Having these visuals really supported communicating our case to people who were not used to analyzing investigative data-intelligence. It was a key part of us convicting the right suspect.” says Chief Inspector Closeau.

Mr. Arquitecura Empresarial is now recovering, but is in good health and has apparently taken a keen interest in Ardoq’s technology. A lasting friendship has been forged! 

Lasse Berg


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