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From CIO to Digital Transformation Officer

Enterprises are under immense pressure to digitalise operations. We are at the verge of a reality where routine operations are fully automated.

When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail

When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail

Why start with Ardoq instead of relying on each RPA vendor’s own mapping, analysis, and governance capabilities?

As AI and RPA go mainstream and become operationalized across enterprises, the need to supervise the process from feasibility and value analysis to compliance, governance, and life-cycle management will become imperative.

Speed is no substitute for direction

IA (information augmentation) before AI (artificial intelligence)

With headlines all about AI, most enterprises however need to first focus on IA (information augmentation). This means getting their people, process, and data structures accurately represented in a digital twin that truly supports efficient business execution across all departments; while addressing increasing regulatory compliance

Future AI and RPA application ready

Due to structured machine-readable nature of data in your Enterprise Intelligence Graph, it is builds a foundation to whichever forms of AI-assisted or AI-enhanced productivity solutions become the most valuable tomorrow.

Every digital-first enterprise needs a digital twin

Digital twin is a virtual model of a process, product or service - or of all within an enterprise. Digital twins are best expressed in an Enterprise Intelligence Graph structure, enabling powerful interactive querying across layers cutting across people, processes, data, and IT solution architectures.

A digital twin:

  • Continuously learns and updates itself from multiple sources to represent real-time status
  • Monitors business critical systems to head off problems before they even occur
  • Prevents downtime, automatically alerting right people in real-time
  • Reduces new employee on-boarding time, especially in complex cross-organizational roles
  • Embeds and drives compliance (GDPR) and governance projects
  • Pushes digital transformation to the forefront of the entire organization

Meet Ardoq

Established in 2013, Ardoq is one of Norway’s fastest growing new technology companies. It is also at the forefront of innovation taking place using advanced graph technology to deliver next generation of AI-assisted and AI-enhanced productivity.

Ardoq develops software that uses machine intelligence to replicate (digital twin) and augment human analytical cognition. Our Enterprise Intelligence Graph connects highly automated GDPR Compliance with innovative Enterprise Architecture and AI Roadmapping all in one powerful, accessible, and business user friendly representation.

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